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1 lb. Any amount of Eastwood's 2:1 European Clear may be mixed into the single-stage paint, as they are completely compatible. 9. base coat/clear coat sanding tips Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by Darknight, Sep 29, 2006. Surface must be free of dirt, oil, wax, solvents, and any other chemical residue before finishing. Any sanding, scraping, or wiping of stain should be done going in the direction of the grain, (never across it. Many people use nothing but a coat of dewaxed shellac as a sanding sealer. Aside from the lack of sanding between coats I adhered to the instructions rather well. Uneven ClearCoat. Lightly brush the headlight in circular motions, then horizontally. Once sanding is done, towel off the area with soap and water, then dry completely. You can apply it with a clean soft cloth and it needs little if any sanding between coat. SealCoat is compatible with ALL types of wood stains including water-base and oil-base stains. Simply wipe off the blended area with a lint-free towel, like the Cobra Microfiber Detail Cloth. This will tell you how much you have left before you burn. Water Based Topcoats and Sanding Sealer Enduro Water Based Sanding Sealer Enduro Water-Base Sanding Sealer is a clear undercoat with strong adhesion properties that forms an easily sandable foundation for your project 10 Tips for Painting Furniture with Latex Paint for ample dry time before applying your first coat. sanding before clear coat By sanding your clear coat down flat with a very fine sandpaper, normally a 1500-2000 girt paper, it removes imperfections and cut’s out any textured area in your paint. cut, SealCoat is the fastest-drying pre-stain sealer in existence. what are you sanding it with? Should be at least 800 grit paper and you should be wet sanding. Getting the basecoat as flat as possible will save you time and reduce the risk of burning through the clear coat when you wetsand, cut, and buff it. Wet Sanding Acrylic Clear Coat Posted by 454chevelle on Tuesday, July 03, 2007 7:34 AM If I clear coat a body with an acrylic product like Model Master gloss clear or Future floor finish can the body be spot wet sanded. Once the car is dry, re-spray clear coat with a paint gun, making sure to apply it smoothly. This high-building solution seals the wood to create a surface that can be easily sanded. CAR RESTORATION HOW TO Buffing out clear coat to a show finish! The buffing alone only took about 30 hours after all the sanding was done, but the total sanding and buffing process went well over 100 hours. Gel coat will not fully cure without adding a surfacing agent or over spraying with PVA. Go a step further and apply a clear polyurethane over the painted surface to help protect the paint, as well as the underlying wood. I am talking about 24 hours after spraying. Remove all dust after sanding. The clear is only going to magnify every shade You would want to apply the clear directly over the base coat without sanding when it comes to metallic paints. I usually had to start clear over. Work slowly to remove the clear coat, but not the paint. You need to invest in a paint thickness gauge. Buffed and blended with 2000 wet or dry 3M paper, 3M rubbing compound, and some Meguris swirl remover if needed. Do not work in direct sunlight. The water keeps the sandpaper from creating scratches that are too deep, and the horizontal scratches keep the clear coat from dripping down the headlight. Our other how tos will explain sanding clear. In addition to stripping the outer layer of gloss, you can also use sandpaper to correct imperfections and remove stains. Color Sanding Basecoat before clear? If I have to nib out dust in the base prior to clearing I dust/blend in a new coat of base over the repair area. and allow to dry 45 minutes before sanding with #120 or finer grit sandpaper. Any major scratches need to be dealt with before clear, of course. Whether you need to polish your car to get rid of Orange Peel or to get rid of scratches and scuff Hi I have just applied my PPG base coat , what are the color sanding procedures from here through clear coat. Today I shot 3 coats of SPI Dark Red base and now it will sit overnight before clearing. clearcoat is usually more tricky than basecoat. I hear of some people sanding down to 600, 800, or 1000, some even sand paint over 1500. Use the following finishing methods to create transparent 3D printed sanding that comes before clear coating, the better the clarity. Because the clear coat is very thin vs a custom job that would add a ton of clear coat for you to play with. Spray with a nice even motion following the natural lines of the piece. If you wet-sand the base coat, wash the vehicle with soap and water after this step, not before. I use the filter I think it just comes out of the gun like that sometimes. Doing so also makes color sanding of metallics easier. To protect yourself from these chemicals, ensure there’s fresh air circulating freely through the work area. If you have not done this before, you are very likely to 5 STAR FLAT CLEAR COAT QT. Answers. Like the others said: you could also try to clear coat it. sanding. Directions say to spray with temperatures anywhere from 50-90F I first applied light coats then little heavier coats after. If bubbles are in 1st coat, sand them out when cured. It is often a step in polishing cars and other items. shellac by brush or wiping rag. beyond a couple of days I believe the basecoat is set and must then be scuffed up or sanded again prior to the clear-coat. SealCoat Clear Matte Sanding Sealer (Case of 2) saves time when finishing porous woods. Veneered hardwoods (a thin plywood type wood layers) on most interior doors are difficult to strip, stain and re-coat properly. Woodworking FAQ: Clear Finishes. By Kevin Farrell of Kleen Car Auto Appearance. The clear coat will make the color underneath shine again. no need to buff before clearing, the clear coat will bring out the shine. NOTE: If you are clear coating then the piece does not have to be shinny and smooth, the clear makes it smoother. In this case, we developed our Wet Sand 2000 Repair Kit for YOU, and it can all be done by hand. Once you're done wet sanding, the finish will appear dull; it can easily be buffed out with a high speed buffer. The purpose of sanding sealer is to seal the wood to prevent excessive penetration of the finish into wood pores. Combining wet sanding with traditional sanding is also an alternative for home repair projects. But I have been trying to make my work look better lately and I notice when I spray my base sometimes little chunks of base get stuck to the base coat. All you need to do is wet sand it after you are done spraying your multiple coats and should i let the clear coat cure before sanding and buffing or does it not matter? Reply Upvote. You only need to sand down until the coat is flat. com. Sanding polyurethane between coats! Polyurethane requires sanding between coats for two reasons. One Last Note About Clear Coat Color Sanding The above steps are exactly the same for sanding out clearcoat. Orange peel is an imperfection in the paint job which makes the surface look bumpy. It has been about 70 days since it was pai pictures that indicates it needs sanding, but Spray-on clear coat is easy to use and provides great coverage. We send a test card with every order, so use this not only for your color match test, but to get a feel for how the clear coat sprays. That depends on whether the basecoat is a solid colour or a metallic. The problem with that is, the paint has no tooth to stick on. 3. How Long to Dry Paint Before Color Sanding. com ® Categories Cars & Vehicles Auto Parts and Repairs Auto Body and Interiors Paint Jobs Do you sand between clear wet coat of basecoe on before clear. it's best to get rid of imperfections before you shoot the color if possible. Orbital sander with multiple-grade sanding pads Dry sand using 180 After sanding, of course! Then comes the color coat again, after sanding, of course!(Lacquer)why Lacquer you askit's the paint dummies best friend Then the color will be color sanded and shot with clear!!! Adding clear into the final coat or two of color will significantly increase the gloss and provide increased durability. !!!!!Also keep in mind try to get your first coat of clear as Remove all sanding dust as before. Apply several thin layers of clear coat, letting it dry between coats (about 10-20 A fresh coat of paint can give almost any wooden piece, such as furniture, cabinets or room trim, a much needed face-lift. Wet Sanding. All existing failed coatings should be removed, sand smooth and remove dust. Let the clear sit for 30 minutes before applying each additional coat as well. Most that I have done were hi build with multiple coats, once sealed I used 80-120 to sand/level. Before sanding use pre-cleano or prepsol, Sand with 600 Then, after allowing the final coat of paint to set for about 2 days, paint the first coat of clearcoat. 3M coat, how to sand clear coat, how to prep paint for clear coat, sanding before clear coat, 3m clear coat, sand before clear coat, sand clear coat, do you sand clear coat, how to prep clear coat, clear coat blending Created Date: 9/28/2017 8:34:01 AM Learn to wet sand your car's primer or paint to get the ultimate shine with this tutorial. 800 wet before clear coat will be sufficient. For added durability, a third coat can be applied. wet sanding a clear coat is a pretty straightforward process, albeit a considerable amount of work. Apply second coat of shellac. In most cases, you will be trying to remove “orange peel” when buffing a new paint job. Final sanding before applying clear coat was with 3000 grit. My problem is that when I have tried to sand the enamel paint before, it just gummed up the sand paper wet or dry. I always sand before clear with 2000 grit and I always get a smooth mirror finish, but that is only after curing for at least a week. if you are sanding a coat of rough primer, you can start with a 400 Re: A question for rattle can gurus. Wait for it to dry better before you try sanding You start with a well set up piece. Typically you would use over 1000 grit to avoid sanding scratches. Clear Coat Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat. Designed for use with Hookit™ disc pads, the Hookit™ attachment system makes replacing worn out discs quick and easy. Went to clear coat my headlights after I sanded and removed all the yellow oxidation. If the peel is really bad you could use something like 800 or even 600 to get it back smooth and then shoot another coat to cover the sanding scratches (and if that has a *little* peel then go with the 1000-1500). After it dries, sand lightly. How to Do a Good Base Coat Clear Coat Paint Job it and work on sanding out any areas that have rust or that are scratched up. Thin initial coat of DiamondFinish Clear 30-50% and apply a single covering coat to seal the wood. Allow the clear coat to dry thoroughly before beginning the sanding step. they color sand the base coat before the clear goes on ? on sanding base coat paint Before I apply the basecoat, would it be a good idea to sand down the base coat after a couple layers? Or just apply the clear coat on top and sand that? I have been sanding down the primer with 600grit, should I start a lighter paper too? I had bad results sanding Duplicolor metallic paint so I'd really do it only before the last color coat, and only if you have defects or orangepeel that need to be leveled. or dewaxed shellac as a clear primer before applying oil-based finishes to those woods. Last night I sprayed and clear coated my engine compartment and it has a few spots that I should wet sand and buff. As a professional painter I would lightly wetsand and re-clear before I would buff a heli canopy. COMPONENTS • SG100 Intercoat Clear Was wondering what is the proper steps in finishing up the sanding and polishing of a fresh clear coat job. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This comes from doing lots of furniture where sanding a stained surface will screw up the whole mess. coats of base before I have to clear,”Beard said. After the painting was done, we parked it in the sun to maximize heat and UV for paint curing. Final sanding before basecoat and 2K sprayed nice and wet with 30 to45 mins flash time between coats and let sit 30 days in sun and finished in 800 before base Would wet sanding the color coat with 1000 grit paper be wise before spraying on the clear? I'm using dark cranberry dupli color, and while it doesn't say it's metallic, it sure looks it. Use a medium-width soft bristle brush. You can use the 400, just kn0ock the ''tooth'' off of it by rubbing two pieces of it together until its' lost its' edge. I'll do a 50/50 mix of lacquer and thinner, but on the very last coat, add more thinner so it is a 25% lacquer and 75% thinner mixture. SUBSTRATE • All Shimrin® Bases • Marblizer®s • Properly cured top coat clears and OEM finishes (artwork only) 2. I need to paint more base coat on the car-but do I need to get all of the clear off of the door jambs, etc? Before the last coat of Lacquer, sand with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to get it all level and smooth. Ihope this is not too broad a question I am obviously a a novice but did manage to apply basecoat well with minimal texturing How long do you normally let basecoat cure before wetsand I just finished spraying it 3 hours ago on 9-21 thanks for the help Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat. It is designed as a base coat that will dry quickly, seal the pores, and sand easily with fine sandpaper to create an ultra-smooth foundation. How to Stain with Gel Stain Over an Existing Finish [without stripping] wrapped around a sanding hours before using a water based top coat over an oil based Sanding a surface removes the top glossy layer, allowing the substance to receive the primer. I personally like to give them 2 to 3 days to off-gas before I start sanding. Sanding will likely take only a day or two, but the stain (if you use one) and each of the three coats of finish will need to dry before the next coat can go on. Curing Orange Spray with Paint Techniques What is next after clear coat application. Wet sanding is especially effective in removing any imperfections in the top layer of clear coat that protects the base coat or undercoat of paint. Sanding the clear is what Acrylic Lacquer Paint - Sanding - Buffing - Polishing The Volvo 122S left the factory without a clear coat back in the days, so a clear coat is not necessary Sanding Chalk Paint® Before OR After Waxing? Posted on 04/25/2014 by Tricia The question to sand and distress Chalk Paint® before versus after applying clear wax is a very common question. Allow your stain to cure overnight before applying the first coat of polyurethane. Allow the dampened wood to dry 30 minutes before the final How to fix peeling clear coat on your car or truck. After toiling away for months, it’s hard not to start rushing to finish things up after painting your project. A month (or longer) if you really want it to cure before putting it to use. A light "Color sanding" will help level things out and the clear coat layer brings back all the color depth and even color. The rule of thumb when polishing metallic paints, is to apply a coat of clear over the metallic paint, let it dry completely, and then polish the clear coat, not the paint. clear out room; sand floors (coarse grit to fine grit) Let stain dry for 8 hours before applying the first coat of poly, but you don’t want to wait so long that Rules for Sanding Wood by sanding between cured coats or sanding each additional coat while it is still wet on the surface using #400- or #600-grit sandpaper 8. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, starting spraying on about three to four layers This coat of sanding sealer, for example, dried hard enough to sand in an hour, giving us a jump on the first topcoat. Allow to dry 3 hours before lightly sanding. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, start spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat I am sanding down the clear coat on my car---OP. Most projects will be ready for normal use in 24 hours. I apply three coats and the wipe the third coats down with 0000 steel wool before I apply the last coat. au Advertise Directly on Calais Turbo. The area around the scratch is a little lighter and a oval News: Webshop Open! 20th Author Topic: Wet sanding clear coat? (Read 36162 times) i am waiting for the appropriate time to pass before starting the buffing. You can also mist laquer with laquer thinner to dissolve the top layer and help it lay down. System Three Clear Coat Epoxy System Three Clear Coat epoxy resin is a very low viscosity (thin), almost colorless epoxy system with a long pot life and cures without amine blush. Allow that to set for about 2 days before wet sanding with 1500 grit. SealCoat Pre-Finish Bond Coat Thanks guys. Then dust on the last two color coats and clear it without messing with it. After sanding the clear coating, the scratched area needs to be replaced. If I do, I resand the whole piece. If I know I'm going to sand/buff, I really like 3 coats of clear before sanding. and it's not hard, it's kind of soft and I can pick at it. Can substitute for 1000 or 1200 grit for sanding before repainting. In both cases, it is much better to sand and rub on a clear coat on top of them, and it is imperative to put enough clear on so that you SG100 INTERCOAT CLEAR 1. Spray Paint touch up application. First Coat. What is clear coat paint? – Clear coat paint is just like regular paint with no solids or tints added to it. How to Spot-Repair the Paint Base Coat and Clear Coat. cut of crystal-clear dewaxed shellac, is one of the most lauded products in this category. Wood Sealers and Pore Fillers. Re-clearcoat again and, again, allow to dry for 2 days. How to Fix a Car Scratch With a Dremel Rotary If third coat is desired, repeat step 5 before application. it is necessary to sand it down before painting. Apply a second coat of filler, removing the excess with the squeegee as before. Apply it in even coats, then use a foam sanding block wrapped in 80 grit sandpaper to smooth it, followed by 120 grit then 400 grit. For clear coat finishes, typically you spray just enough to color to cover and then clear coat. I use rattle cans from Tower Paint which they claim contain clear coat. Before shooting the last three coats of clear I did an abbreviated sanding process, 800 grit on DA and block, 1500 grit on DA and block, 2000 grit foam pad on DA and 4000 grit foam pad on the DA. Normally 4-5 coats of clear are applied during this process. I've not used clear coat before, I am aware that essentially it is paint with no pigment, but this has made me think. djmr2 Apply a coat of 2-lb. If your final coat of base has any imperfections, touch up and shoot again. If your headlights are lightly oxidized: I know “oxidized” is not the best word, but what I mean is that basically this kit, “3M 39173 1 Pack Quick Headlight Clear Coat” is an extremely light buffing kit that is the equivalent of using a light rubbing-compound before waxing your car. Before sanding, try some commercial floor wax stripper on a small area and see if it lifts it. Now apply the last coat of primer. Thoroughly shake the basecoat color spray can before applying. Use the fine sand paper between coats to smooth down any ruff areas. Most clear finishes are applied with a brush, working in the direction of the grain of the wood. Also what is a good buffer for doing this. That binds the glaze to the coating underneath it and protects the glaze coat with the clear coating on top of it. I have used it many times. The only differences are that the residue will be white, not the color of the base coat. 2000 grit Ultra-fine grit used wet that pre-polishes the surface before buffing and polishing with polishing compound. I can't find any info on either the can or the Spraymax website about wait time before sanding and polishing. Sanding Grits: What Grits To Use For Primer, Paint, and Clear Coat February 11, 2014 by admin 10 Comments So which sandpaper grit is used for the job operation. An extra fine grit used for wet sanding the clear coat to remove defects before paint polishing. The temperature inside the garage was ~59F. Remove any flaking, chalking, blistering, or old coating before sanding. You want to remove the "orange peel" texture before buffing (see picture). Do not add more than 10% by volume of MEK gel coat Thinner. guyfrom7up. I'm talking about basecoat/clear coat paint jobs here. After 24 hours, take a look at the polyurethane. 1: Surface Preparation Sand the surface with 150-grit or finer paper and remove dust with air or a water-dampened cloth. Here's a LP-style guitar that's I'm working on now. -- cal50 RGP Archive and posting Gateway Re: Removing Clear Coat off Gel Coat? SOunds like he used an acrylic clear coat. Apply a coat of epoxy sealer before applying the base coat. Apply the final coat and let dry overnight. No sanding at all. Of course, that is in Ohio where the sun isnt quite like CA. and you want it to be right the first time. that is another story. Dont push the "full cure time" before sanding/routing Assess the base coat. After sanding the Depending on what clear you choose, you can put 2-3-4 coats of clear on, then sand the clear flat and buff. spraying heavy coat(s The results shown here are unusual for a newbie at wet sanding. Everybody does it. To repair a scratch in the clear coat, first clean the car panel with warm soapy water. I spoke with many people in the auto body industry, before I started. up applying uneven pressure causing a wave or dimple in the clear coat. Sanding your previous paint coat brings down bumps and advice on orange peel in base coat paint issue base coat at that point. How long should I let the Nason clear coat cure before sanding and buffing? One light coat clear and one wet coat. 0 It can be tough for a novice to judge when they've gone to the limit when sanding clear coat. Without sanding the surface in advance, the new coat of paint won't stick to the previous layer. If you have any dust, bugs, or runs in the base, you will want to spot sand those before applying the final coat of base. I found that the more gloss you can get on the clear before buffing the easier it is to spot ripples, scratches and orange peel. ) Spray the second wet coat of clear and let it sit 30 minutes. Wet sanding makes the surfaces smoother. Get your self a test panel to practice on, Getting clear to flow out slick takes a liitle practice, but I do it everyday, For a living and a qt of compound lasts me at least 6 months. Don't be alarmed how hazy the lens looks before putting on the UV Clear Coat. It may be applied with a rag or a brush and dries in minutes. Repeat the previous two steps with the clear-coat lacquer. Those you can color sand and recoat or clear after sanding. Wet sanding/polishing clear coats. Hookit™ Gold Sanding discs can be used for a wide variety of sanding tasks, including preparing surfaces for primer or for final sanding before application of finish coats. dry completely before How to Wet Sand a Clear Coat. PPG 2021 can go 7 days before you have to sand if you're I just laid a few coats of Spraymax 2k clear coat on my tank and side covers. I usually do only a cursory job of sanding before the first coat of epoxy or, more often, CPES. this was an educational debate for me! This Thread is more than 3581 days old. ( Not necessary for the Ultra Plus Brushable Gelcoat) 5. Furniture and Cabinets Clean the wood very thoroughly to remove sanding dust before each new coat of polyurethane, using a vacuum (if available) and a tack cloth. Clear Coating Wood: Wood surfaces should be smooth and dry with the wood having a low moisture content. using only enamel/acrylic clear coat. Hand-sand lightly with 220 grit sand-paper and remove the dust. To prevent clogging, clear the valve after each use by holding can upside down and spraying until clear gas comes out. Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat Wet sanding makes the surfaces smoother It is often a step in polishing cars and other items If you wet-sand the base coat, wash the vehicle with soap and water after this step, not before Once the base coat is smooth and clean, starting spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat Re: Sanding color coat before clear, pigtails persist « Reply #22 on: April 12, 2013, 04:06 PM » Seeing as you are having so much grief with this, I'd like to recommend stripping the pieces. After the glaze coat has been applied and manipulated to the look I'm after, I apply a clear coat over it. With lacquers, we can turn it around in about 25 minutes. Our 3M™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Clear Coat Sanding Abrasive Disc 471LA is ideal for spot repairs, including leveling dust nibs and orange peel, before sand scratch removal. Hello I was wondering what grit sandpaper I should use before the clear coat? sanding before clearcoat? will go away with the clear, after sanding the clear Scratches that don't extend through to the base coat can usually be removed by sanding, but you must take care not to remove too much of the clear coat, or you'll compromise its ability to block A basic lesson and hot tips on the base coat clear coat process , This may help those already using lacquer and enamel automotive paints, to move up to base coats , If at the least, this demo In this video I show you how you can properly wet sand and polish the clear coat on your car. Just because you had one bad experience doesn't mean you should give up. For two reasons, pay more attention to doing a thorough sanding if you are using a gloss finish than if you are using one with flatting agents included (semi-gloss or satin). Other painters don’t use the etching primer and instead prefer an epoxyprimer as the first coat on bare metal. how to wet sand and buff your car I have had a couple recent requests to post a detailed article on sanding and buffing your car. Polyurethane dries slowly, so there are always dust nibs that should be sanded out before the next coat is applied. sanding before buffing The clear will magnify the sand scratches even if you use 1500 grit. Read This Before Applying Finish to Your Wood Floors using both the sanding and edging machines, your floor will be clean and smooth, but it will have invisible Hi, I sorayed 2k clear coat about 13 hours ago. > I used Automotive Clear Coat on my SO playfield How long should I > wait till I reassemble it? I would wait a week then reassemble. 80-grit aluminum oxide paper will provide a good texture for the epoxy to “key” into. pre-wet the wood with a damp cloth to raise the grain before final sanding. For scratches that have only penetrated the clear coat, the scratch can be carefully sanded out. The clear coat, sitting on top of the plastic, will be removed by your sanding. Remove all dust and apply a finish build and give added depth to the final finish on porous or open grain woods such as oak or mahogany. use a finer paper before you spray. I try to only sand clear, never color. Then wipe away the sanding residue, mask around the test area, and give it a coat of polyurethane (Photo 1). the wet sanding is mostly just to smooth out the orange peel surface you get when you spray the clear. Wood Care FAQs Prev Allow the stain to dry according to label directions before applying a protective clear top coat such as a polyurethane or lacquer How to Sand Drywall. Apply a layer of clear coat directly to the wood; Lightly sand the surface; Apply the final layer; After applying the final layer, you’ll need to allow the wood to fully cure for 24 hours before use. . over or “rearranging” those particles. Sanding after staining Yes the "barbed wire" effect is sanding dust and small fibers of the wood that have become petrified by the epoxy. Then after the epoxy cures I resand to get a smooth surface before recoating. Cover well. Never brush on clear coat, as bristles will leave marks in the coat and make the Sanding between coats with a fine grit sanding sponge works well and you always wipe down the surface free of dust before applying the next coat. sanding before clear coat. Wet sand that layer with 2000 grit. How to Paint Wood Smoothly Like a Professional. Modern clear coat paints are formulated to have more gloss, more flexibility, protect better and be more UV resistant than the old solid color/no clear paints that used to be the industry standard. by Cee Donohue . Can i apply base coat over this or should i keep sanding until i go into the basecoat. Wet-sand the base coat before starting the clear coat. After sanding a coat of mud, allow the area to dry for about an hour before continuing with a second coat of compound or before painting or priming if the final coat has been sanded. What I would do BEFORE you paint is put up some plastic sheeting over the truck sort of like a roof. Then you can hotcoat, put the hotcoat on pretty thick, and sand it all off. Either way, we waited 2-3 days to let the paint get good and hard before sanding. If you're sanding a full panel you're going to be using a paint thickness gauge, or watching for the low spots in the orange peel to show signs that the sand paper is finally reaching it, etc. The reason for this wait is that clear coat, much like concrete, takes some time to fully set up. Metallic basecoats are not sanded before applying clear. Get all the drips, bumps bugs, and get the board as flat as possible. First time I shot a clear coat finish for a car, I was not sure about this, but it works. If you spray a clear coat before the base is fully cured and hardened it will ruin it. The grits in Step 3 are designed for final surface smoothing of painted surfaces, or between clear coat sanding to remove small surface imperfections. Before sanding, clean off dirt and grime with a mild detergent solution. Speaking of sanding, how many times do you think you can sand your headlights before the plastic cracks for being too thin? If I have to sand the color coat, it gets one final un-sanded color coat before clear. All clear sanding is done wet. The only thing worse than sanding through to the colour coat is not sanding enough so the clear gets a good bite into the job which equals a retutn job in about ninty days. While on the other hand, with base coat and clear coat, you will have to sand a little bit more. 10 years ago on Introduction. Exactly why can't you sand basecoat without reshooting basecoat a color after sanding as you do after spraying. How to Sand your Car’s Bodywork. I left the table to cure in my shed. It is very likely that it does not need any further discussion and thus bumping it serves no purpose. We usually have to spray a light coat or two of basecoat over the bad area (creating a "band aid") and clearcoat the panel. A sanding sealer can be used on bare, unstained floors, doors, furniture and cabinets prior to applying either an oil-based or a water-based clear finish. Wet-sanding lubricates A little basic knowledge of sanding and preparing wood before staining will help a staining project go faster and easier. A step-by-step guide to color-sanding. as mentioned before Wet sanding is a practice that should only be performed by those who have honed their skills. Mopar Body and Trim. Depending on the product used, and the current weather conditions, each coat could take either hours or days. Wash your hands before starting. I've done a few stocks with automotive clear coat and never had a tough time sanding them, I started with 400 grit wet/dry paper using water to wet it then went to 1200 grit with water and finished it off with Flitz Metal polish and it really shies and it very tough. Last edited by Burnt; 06-01-2008 at 07:03 PM . 7. Sanding either the clear coat or the opaque coat would only allow the glaze to telegraph into the scratch pattern. If you plan to strip paint from the car’s bodywork, use 1,200-grit paper or sanding pads to quickly remove the clear-coat and paint. Let dry 1 hour. Apply as many medium coats necessary to cover the area waiting 5-10 minutes between each coat. Although clear coats do provide additional protection, there is a limit as to how much clearcoat can be removed in the buffing or wet-sanding process without jeopardizing the long-term durability of the paint finish. By Captain James R. If you have a run, sag, or issue with the basecoat that requires you to sand, we’d suggest recoating the entire area to keep the metallic property uniform. Zinsser SealCoat , a pre-mixed 2 lb. The clear on Nissan cars is Sanding/buffing/polishing epoxy clear coat top is no need to go beyond 1000 grit before switching over to 6 coats of West System 105 Resin with 207 Clear coat Sanding wood often requires coarse-grain paper to remove defects and generally smooth the wood. Again, do not sand it too fine between base coat and clear coat. the base and clear coat application [Archive] Sanding 2k before/ after clear coating General, Electrics, Engine Management, Wheels, Bodywork Sanding 2k before/ after clear coating [Archive] - calaisturbo. Clear Coat FAQ. on your clear. Remove all traces of sanding dust and apply however many coats of polyurethane you have the patience for, letting each coat dry thoroughly before sanding lightly to ensure good adhesion between coats. Expert Wood Finishing Tips. Get a museum quality paint finish through a four step polishing process. From what you've said, is sounds like a worn out application of acrylic that needs to be removed. Sanding and rubbing directly on transparent paints (candies) can possibly cause thin spots, which lightens the hue of the color. Wet sanding factory clear coat is dangerous if your new to it. Sanding the basecoat to remove any imperfections is OK, but ONLY If you spray more 'color' basecoat over it before the clear is applied. The clear coat on your car is about as thin as a sheet of paper. ” Before he My understanding (again with only the products I'm familar with) is that you cannot wait too long to clear-coat either. Page 1 to pick up any dust or nibs before yu shoot the clear. Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to clean extensively pitted plastic, because vinegar is a weak acid, and it helps smooth the surface. If it's bumpy or has any imperfections, the clear coat will not hide them, it will accentuate them. Yeah, the color will look horrible after sanding, but the clear coat will fill the scratches and give a nice, smooth finish. RE-clearcoat over that, allow to dry for 2 days or so. You may choose to apply Aqua Coat Clear Stain Base before your final sanding. Wet Sanding Epoxy. ''. Wood door refinishing, may for you, require striping of the old paint or clear coat (varnish) from the door itself. before applying the clear as vapors can be trapped between the clear and base. Microreplicated 3-D mineral abrasive structures are distributed uniformly across the disc surface and wear evenly for consistent repair and longer disc life. PREPARATION Prior to applying SG100 Intercoat Clear, it is advised to wipe down the Shimrin® Base with KC20 Post Sanding Cleaner. Spray a test panel with base coat and clear coat first to compare color match and coverage. You can also use a rag moistened with mineral spirits (for an oil-based poly) or cheesecloth moistened with denatured alcohol (for a water-based poly). When spraying the paint, it’s important to keep nearby areas wet for a consistent coating. Once it is dry, use 400 grit sandpaper to roughen to surface a little so that the base coat will stick better. Watson water keeps the abrasive surface clear of debris so it doesn’t clog the abrasive surface. April 4, A word of advice before you start compounding, be sure to cover up your trim and carpet. If before you can sand out the imperfections but you will have to recoat in order to keep the flop even. Be extremely cautious if you used metallic paints – metallic colors tend to get lighter in places of sanding, and you do not want this. is graffiti on the walls of history " Depending on the job, sanding can be done with either sand paper or an electric orbital sander, and you’ll need to use different grades of paper depending on the task. 4. spray coat each tile in The intercoat clear will also protect the base coat before you clear. How to Sand and Buff Clear Coat. So in essence you have a small time window to work with when following up the base coat with a clear coat. Check color thoroughly before applying. Before you apply your last coat of paint, remove any powdery residue with 2000-grit wet-and-dry sandpaper and wipe down with a clean rag. DO NOT sand any finer than 320 grit, DO NOT wet sand prior to primer, DO clean the clear using acetone or some other dewaxing solvent before sanding, DO sand until ALL the gloss is gone, DO apply thinly and carefully… 3 thin coats are better 1 heavy coat. Learn How to Repair Car Scratches. You need to do 99% of your sanding flatness before you hot coat, I take a surform to the laps, nose, and tail. 25 discs per box. Elite Finish Hookit™ Clear Coat Sanding Disc 6 inch, p1500 grit, boxs of 50 Disc Foam Trizact™ disc for use in scuff sanding blend panels before painting REPAIRING "LIGHT" SURFACE SCRATCHES in the CLEAR COAT When we refer to "light" scratches, we are referring to scratches that are ONLY in the clear coat surface and you can NOT get your fingernail to "catch" in the scratch. over the piece with a damp rag to clear away any sanding dust. Careful sanding of the first Clear Coat with 320 - 400 grit dry sand paper or 500 – 600 grit wet sand paper is possible after a period of at least 24 hours (4 days is optimal), depending on temperature and humidity, in order to avoid damaging the metallic surface. Before sanding, round up a “shadow light” leave an even coat of dust over the entire drywall surface, especially along the transition The other cars were painted with enamel but we didnt use any clear, just color coats. And even then a skilled professional should use a paint gauge to first check the thickness of the paint and clear coat to ensure it will support a wet sanding process. Wetsanding basecoat window you'll have to put on another coat of base before clearing. start over in that region with sanding. wet sanding/polishing clear coat to eliminate orange peel effect. Before you start sanding down your headlight, spray the headlight and the paper with water. Gelcoat will not darken or change colors when it dries. Wet sanding gives way to spray. DO NOT BAKE! The booth heat can be set at 80°-90° if you wish. Hit the guitar with that, and the sanding scratches will just melt together! No amount of clear will hide this defect. Used Krylon clear non-yellowing . With the clear on the base coat, the paint will finally have the expected shine of a fresh paint job. Just before finishing, however, most woodworkers and painters switch to a finer-grit paper for a final pass, and they use an even finer one to scuff between finish coats. I decided to just make a test mold to make sure I got the process down before I tackle something more complicated. But I would not suggest sanding after the last coat. When sanding on clear coat, a light touch is required; sandpaper grit should be 1,000 to 2,000 grit, depending on how heavy a layer of clear coat was applied. A clear, high-build sanding sealer for use under all Aqua Coat topcoats. Wet sanding the clear will make those sanding marks disappear. The aim of sanding the color coat is to flatted down any flaws in the paint to prevent the next coat to get the same flaw. heeh Clear coat - apply the 1st coat real thin and let the sit for 15 mins. Once the final lacquer coats have cured, most finishers begin wet-sanding with fine-grit finishing papers. That said, body shops use wet sanding on a much larger level. Then remove all the sanding dust and apply a second coat. Contributes to an ultra-smooth final finish. I start out cutting my clear with 800 grit, and work my way up to 3000 on the DA sander before I buff. but, before clearing, you may want to learn how to set up the gun properly. I never have sanded base coat before I always shoot base then clear. Step 3: Finishing. Each coat should appear uniform and dry between each coat. If your base has metalic in it. Preparation & Sanding. Sanding it will destroy its reflective properties and give it a Understanding, wet sanding and buffing scratch resistant clear coat. My biggest problems are the hoods and other sheet metal that you want real smooth. It is just air born dust. There has been much talk recently regarding the newer scratch resistant clear coats. I usually wait a couple of days for the color coat to gas out before sanding and applying the clear coats. Unlike some of the so called penetrating epoxies, Clear Coat contains no solvent. the clear will be a bit hazy during the sanding steps Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:01 am Post subject: Wet sanding / Buffing clear coat All - I have some questions on how to finish off my paint before I mount the buggy body to chassis. I just had my 65 convertible mustang painted base coat,then clear coat. Be sure the surface to be bonded is solid. Wet sanding clear coat coming off If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Practice makes perfect. It causes fish eye dimple defects in your clear coat and will ruin the finish. I have a couple gallons of clear gel coat and I want to use it for some personal projects but having a sanding issue. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, start spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat. I've read that you shouldn't sand before the clear, but the surface looks a little rough. Before or after painting, 3M Trizact Hookit Clear Coat Sanding Discs level light imperfections easily and quickly. Sand non-porous surfaces. The main reason to sand the color coat is to make it stickier for the clear coat and also to remove imperfections. KIT: Xtreme Flat Finish Clear Coat : Allow a one to two hour cool-down time before wet sanding or buffing after force drying. cars shows. Then proceed with normal wet sanding and buffing when you are ready. sanding and finishing took about an hour and it has held up well for 14 years Clear coat; Sanding paper; For easy application, use a clear coat and apply evenly, following the natural lines of the wood. Gel Coat Wet Sanding. I usually apply a second coat of sealer, let dry, and sand again. If you find you have orange spray in the top color coat after you have completed your work you should sand and buff the area. Do I need to apply the black base before applying the MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color? Yes, MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color should only be applied over the MIRAGE® Base Coat. Allow the second coat to dry 1 hour before sanding lightly and applying a finish coat. So you have to be careful. After clear coat you can sand and buff without affecting the metallic paint. Only wetsand the areas that need it, just lightly scuff the areas that do not. Allow to cure 24 hours. Jul 1, 2012 #1. How to Apply a Clear Base Coat to a Car the vehicle only needs a light wet sand before applying the base coat). Product comes into play big time in that sense. 6. Fix any issue with the base before you apply clear coat. Apply two coats, sanding in between with 200-grit or higher sandpaper after the first coat is dry. Problem is I can see the 400 grit sanding scratches. building up coat after coat and sanding While sanding the clear coat or the color coat, you will obviously be releasing chemical-filled fumes and dust particles, and you shouldn’t ignore these. Cleanup is easy with the 3M Trizact Hookit Clear Coat Sanding Discs. before the first coat of polyurethane. Seal pores before filling them Filling pores helps you achieve an ultra-smooth surface for a high-gloss finish, but tinted pore fillers also color the wood surface. Wet sanding use to be And just how exactly will you know when to quit sanding the old clear before you get into the base color? Are you kidding me? Plus, if it's flaking in one area then it will continue to do so, so why would you paint over it? Will clear coating over old flaking clear coat stop it from flaking, bubbling, and peeling? I didn't think so. The base coat has a dull appearance before it is covered with clear. Sanding and buffing the clear coat can help reduce and Are you talking about before or after the clear coat. 1200 grit can used for your initial cut. Usually, I put 2-3 coats of clear down (urethane material) before sanding. Such items with silicone include lubricants, water repellent sprays, etc. Clear coat should be allowed to harden for at least 24 hours before attempting to use a buffer. If its acrylic, the stripper will remove it with little effort. Problem is, after that last coat of clear has definitely after the clear. as it just may burn through the clear If the first coat has developed a blush or bloom this has to be removed before sanding and, in the case of our epoxies, it can be removed by washing the epoxy with warm water containing a few drops of washing-up liquid. You can not sand Metalic, Kandy or Pearl base paints or you will scratch it and it will show. Maybe it means you will have to sand a little bit more of the plastic off, but that's the extent of it. Work in long, straight overlapping strokes, keeping the brush WHY YOU SHOULD WET-SAND BEFORE BUFFING 1. Step 3 is the final finishing stage after you have applied your chosen finish. Am I wasting my time with the 'polishing phase' on the basecoat should I just skip and polish the clear coat layer instead? Thanks Exactly, unless in extreme cases like OP. Then I wait about 2 weeks for the clear coat to dry before sanding with 1500 and 2000. Sanding Between Clear Coats. Before applying epoxy, sand smooth non-porous surfaces—thoroughly abrade the surface. REALLY, REALLY TAKE YOUR TIME APPLYING THE UV CLEAR COAT! This is especially true on a car that may not be totally smooth across the whole lens (there's a raised area on my highlights for the parking lights). on the compound but I like going to 2500 before compounding. Guide How to Correctly Apply Touch Up Paint. Prepping and painting your car can be a daunting task, which is why we're here to help with Part 2 of our how-to guide. Waited 36 hours and then guide coat and wet sand with 400 grit to remove guide coat. 600 is about as course as you should go unless there are runs and "things" to attend to in the paint. 2013-11-23· Sanding before that time (including sanding between coats) is far more likely to expose you to epoxy sensitization than waiting until full cure when the dust is more of an annoyance than a health hazard (though you still want a mask to prevent breathing it) More; How to Sand a Clear Coat Without Sanding the Paint | Home , Fixing mising clear coat spots. Clear coating is a meticulous job that Another important consideration is to be sure that your first coat of clear is well cured before sanding. While most clear coats can be sanded about 24 hours after the last coat has been laid on its generally better to wait a little longer. When the filler is dry, sand again with 220-grit sandpaper. 0. Aside from a few tiny “whiskers” caused by dust particles, it should be smooth. that's pretty awesome Between clear coats, some wet sanding was done due to "orange peel" effect, when it was needed -- not after every coat